I'm Orson Wells

One of my biggest motivations in life is to help people grow from where they are, overcome obstacle and accomplish their most ambitious goals.  My parents are the true architects of this desire. 

As healthcare workers they spent their entire lives taking care of others and helping them heal...(As well as raising 4 amazing young men) Their example of helping others moved beyond their work in healthcare, but was also evident in everyday life.  As the parents of four boys, it was not unusual to have our home full of young people were everyone was treated like family. 

One thing I noticed is that when my parents had the opportunity they were not shy to help and shared the wisdom of their experience to help others grow and make wise decisions.  My desire to help others, came from my parents.  

Growing up, I wasn't the strongest, the fastest nor the smartest, but I was always a hard worker.   I worked hard to find my unique genius.

From the time is was a high school athlete I learned to love the process of training and development to improve my athletic performance.  Learning new skills practicing those skills then perfecting those skills became a constant in my life.   This practice of development became a major theme in my life that I continue to apply personally and professionally. 

High performance requires discipline, wisdom, and perseverance. 

Today I am someone that not only understands those principles but has also put in the work, habits and developed the skills to be a high performer and help other achieve high performance.  

I discovered the field of personal, professional and organizational development years after college,...at the time I didn’t know that I could make a career out of helping individuals and organizations perform at their best. 

Today I help leaders and organizations create an environment of growth and high performance. Now…at almost 20 years in, I’m still extremely passionate about how I get to help people.

"Being at your best impacts everyone around you and everything you're responsible for." 

-Orson Wells


Let's Grow Together

Working toward consistent high performance can be challenging and frustrating when you try to go it alone. 

I’ve always benefited from having great mentors, coaches and trainers to help me along the way. 

The insight, wisdom and accountability makes a big difference in success and failure.

Being at your best impacts everyone around you and everything you are responsible for. 

I’ve put the work in to understand how to develop the mindset, skillset and strategies that will help you overcome some of your biggest challenges and attain your biggest accomplishments.

I’ve been fortunate to work with high performing leaders and individuals in different industries.  It is always my goal to help you grow to a level of high performance and become more focused, resilient, confident and consistent. 

Tired of the frustration? Let’s talk about how we can work and grow together.  Are you ready?

Work With Me

Your should know...

I’m a realistic optimist

 I like solving problems.  I believe that most situations in life and business you can figure out how to create positive outcomes from your biggest challenges. To do so you have to be realistic about how difficult things are so you can develop a winning strategy and mindset.

I’m an expressive introvert

Yes, even though I’ve been a keynote speaker, conducted hundreds of training courses and I spend most of my professional time working with people and making presentations….I’m quite the introvert.  This is my superpower.  I’m an excellent listener and observer of what and who’s around me.  This super power allows me to be very good at the things I do best….Coach, Train, Advise.

By nature I’m an educator and encourager

I’ve always enjoyed helping people improve. Spend time with me and we will definitely get into a conversation where we are both learning, encouraging or trying to improve something. I also love to learn something new and teach others.  I’m also fortunate that is also my career...I love it!!

Being Healthy is a Passion

I have to move..Staying healthy and exercising is a big part of my life.  We live in this earth suit and we have to take care of it if we are going to do big things in life. I feel better when I’m eating well and exercising often.  This is where I first learned discipline, physically and mentally. It keeps me sharp for whatever is ahead of me.  (I do love cake tho!!...balance is the key) 

I’m Street and Book Smart

I’ve learned more from actually training, coaching and advising leaders and organizations than I ever did in school.  A masters degree..(I got an MBA ya’ll) gives you a foundation, and my real life experience (approx. 20years) has allowed me to successfully to build skill, knowledge and effective strategies in real time. Real life experience gives you real life wisdom.  You learn how to apply your knowledge.  (For the record I didn’t actually grow up on the streets...my Mom and Dad would be upset if i let you think that. Ha!)

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