Leading in Crisis and Change

Uncategorized Jul 03, 2020

Leadership comes with responsibility and challenges. The responsibility of every leader during crisis and change is to be effective and lead their team or organization forward.

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Resilience: Your Ability to Bounce Back

podcast Jul 03, 2020

What do the most resilience people do to overcome their challenges and come out potentially better on the other side? In this episode Orson will discuss what resilience is, and how you can learn to become more resilient as you face challenges and obstacles.

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How Leaders Create Successful Teams

Uncategorized May 26, 2020

Every year leaders start out with great expectations of what the year will hold. You strategize, set goals, communicate goals and set out to accomplish a little more than we did last year….(or a lot more)

The hope is that we actually will. We have a lot on the line. The company is depending on you, your teams are depending on you…you are depending on you.

So how can this year be different? How can you engage and motivate your team to enthusiastically accomplish this years goals and not only check the box of getting things done, but also be fully engaged and invested in shared success?

In over 15 years of working with leaders and their teams I’ve noticed that the most successful leaders do a few things consistently that foster engagement and  moves the needle forward and creates an opportunity for the team to succeed together.

Create Clarity

One of your primary roles as leader is to create clarity for your team. Where...

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How Leaders Influence Culture

Uncategorized May 16, 2020

The culture of a company can make or break the strategy of the company. Peter Druker famously said “ Culture eats strategy for breakfast” I’ve seen this concept play out so many times within teams, as well as, within entire organizations.  

The culture of a company is defined by the behaviors and practices that are repeated within the company over time and are an expression of “how we do business”. Culture is not about what you do as a business as much as it is about how you do it. Culture is an expression of your company values. 

In my experience and observation, when a company is succeeding you can look to their culture (as well as their strategy) and you will discover that the culture has played a role in the companies success. Likewise when a company is struggling you can do the same and most often find that the leaders, teams and individuals have lost sight of the culture they desire to work in and have begun to work and behave in...

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